For the past few months these images have been floating around on my instagram feed and today I finally found out who's responsible for them and her name is  Shani Crowe. These images  are a part of a series called braids. Shani's work is centered around cultural coiffure and beauty ritual, as they relate to the African diaspora.  This series is currently up at The Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts (MoCADA) in Brooklyn you should go check it out if you can. 


For the longest while I have been obsessed with gifs. I remember in 2001 when the internet was still new and Flash was just a baby I animated my website entirely using gifs and everyone thought I used flash. Now its kinda expected and because of that people are making some really amazing gifs. These glorious gifs where done by Adam Pizurny .

Happy Friday everyone!



These surreal digital sculptures where made by a Korean based artist by the name of Kyuin Shim. Kyuin uses his work to explore various aspects of his culture. But what really fascinates me is how convincing his medium is. He has acquired a new fan.   



Words can not express how much I love a good spa day! I have always dreamt about having my own private nordic style spa somewhere on the sea side. Now this floating sauna really makes that dream look a lot more achievable. This drivable 240 square foot sauna was designed by GOC studio  and it comes with its own shower and wood burning stove. 



I wanted to let you guys see what the hell I've been busy doing for the past few months! Here's a sneak peek into my new fabric and cushion collection!!! I have always loved textiles, and when I say love I mean I am a hard core textile nerd! I completely obsess about patterns and printing techniques the way a chef try to figure out someones ingredients.

 I figured I would make my own fabric collection thinking it would be an easy task especially since I am in North America. Well little did I know that I had my work cut out for me, the textile industry in North America is virtually non existent!!! And when you add eco friendly to the mix that just made my work even harder! it was a huge mountain that I had to climb but I am super excited and super proud.

The collection is called Eau Noir (Black water), it's based on my love for open water and favourite space to visit. Each pattern is a repeat that was made from my own hand painted artwork, it's truly a labour of love and I hope you like it. I will be updating my shop this weekend with all the new goodies and as soon and I am done you will be the first to find out about it. 

Wish me luck! 


Merganzer -2.jpg

We spent last weekend visiting Toronto it was such an amazing trip! we completely fell in love with the city. While we were there we went to the One of a kind show and found some really interesting artist and artisans. I thought that the Merganzer booth had some of the most beautiful pieces of furniture there. Merganzer design is a Toronto based studio that is run by Brett Lundy & Megan Tilston who focus on making hand made one of a kind pieces of furniture. You can see more of their work here.     


Yes, I have been quiet lately and it's because I have been preparing for my upcoming exhibition and designing new products that required loads of time. Something had to give and unfortunately it was by blogging. I am really a one woman show here and I would love to hire an assistant but I guess that will have to wait for the money to start rolling in. I can't wait to show you guys everything but I still have loads of work ahead of me! There are hundreds of photos to edit and my websites to update and the list goes on but everything is slowly coming together. For some reason I am getting nervous! so strange. 

Today when I work up I began to think about my university years and how my professor suggested that I merge my paintings with my graphic design. For some reason I when in another direction ( typical student). Sometimes life has a way of taking you back to the beginning in order to bring you on another journey and this is one that I am really excited about. As soon as everything is all done you will be the first to find out in the mean time wish me luck.