A few days ago I went to La Petite Mort Gallery for the Vernissage of UP / DOWN / CHARM / STRANGE / TOP / BOTTOM by La Trampa. La Trampa is a collective of artist & friends who live, work in Mexico City and often exhibit together. The show consist of César Catsuu Antonio LópezErnesto AlvaVeronica BapeOmar ArcegaRuben Morales Lara & Guillermo Trejo . A few days after the show I had a meet up with four of the six artist in the group.

Veronica Bape - A soft spoken, petite woman with a clear vision of her work.

“I am very inspired by things that are related to human youth, but that are not so obvious. Things such as ugliness for example; contrast of ugly and beauty, physical ugliness in features such as nose and teeth. I like to play around with that idea. That is why I paint these types of portraits–it’s like an investigation of things I don’t really know, that are mysterious. I think through my art I have found my own answers about things I don’t know and want to know.”

“This year’s portrait is about ugliness and things I’m looking for. That is why you see the big ears and the emphasis of the eyes. It’s entertaining for me to do this type of work; I’m free to do what I want in the place I want and not have to stick to classic rules relating to light and composition. I know how to do that stuff, but I like to break rules. It allows my paintings to have a more personal dialogue and character. That for me is very important. That is why I used unexpected colours and palettes.”

more to come!


Pict by Tafui 

Pict by Tafui 

Hey everyone I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Every Easter I go visit my sister & she usually makes a wonderful meal & her version of a Jamaican Easter Bun. I wanted to show you what it looks like since it's always difficult to describe. Its a sweet bread that we usually eat with cheese, yes I know it's sounds off but its really good. Even though Im off sugar & dairy it's hard for me to resist. My sister is one of those cooks turn baker who bakes without a recipe but if your interested in making your own you can find a recipe here 

Oh guess who took & styled the picts above ;) I've been practicing my food styling & photography skills! I've been slowly working on my fear of being "imperfect" I know what I want my work to look like & I'll eventually get there. Im sure Im not the only one who feels this way but if I don't document the process & share it you'll never see your progress. 

Happy Monday! 




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So I've been trying to get more colour in my wardrobe but somehow I keep going back to black or white :). Even though these piece are technically "navy" habits are hard to get out of! plus like what you like right?

The beautiful honeycomb dress & jacket are a part of Kimberley Newport-Mimran's Spring 2014 collection. Kimberly is a Torontonian fashion designer who works between Toronto & New York. You can see more of her pieces here



Francesca Cattaneo is a Toronto based Communication Designer at Polyester Studio with a great series of animation in her portfolio 

"Inspired by the many books, shows, and exhibitions on the subject of happiness we decided to animate what makes us happy to hopefully make you a little happy."




I just love these photos by Gabe Toth a Toronto based photographer. 

Handbags by Ganete Waite | Creative Direction by Marek Matwiejczuk

Make-up/Grooming by Dylan K Hanson | Post Production by Khoa Vu
Model: Eseousa Ekhosuehi & Recardo Robinson


photo by Jo

photo by Jo

photo by Jo

photo by Jo

Every now then I get a strong urge to visit the National gallery and as usual It did not disappoint. One of the two pieces that really spoke to me was Jim Revisited by Evan Penny & Boom Boom by Neil Campbell. I did a post on Evan Penny's work a few months ago and it was great to see more of his work in the flesh. His attention to detail is just so breath taking I had to go up close. I even cause some people touching it. 

photo by Jo

photo by Jo

The second piece that I absolutely fell in love with was Boom Boom by Neil Campbell. At first, they looked like two black circles painted on the wall & I loved it immediately because I love circles. When I walked up to it, it felt as if you could walk into the hole in the wall! It's just brilliant!