If your following me on Instagram you already know that I've recently added this new piece to my shop. For the past few months I've been reworking some pieces of my artwork that I wasn't completely in love with.

My work has become a fusion of all the mediums that I love, layering paint, print making, textile printing & dying. This is somewhat of a study for larger pieces that I'll be making for my up coming show.  



I've complied a bit of music for you guys to listen to this weekend, February is my favourite month and since we get an extra day this year we should celebrate that. On another note I woke up this morning feeling pretty pleased with myself and I can't share that with you so stay tune. 

Happy Friday Everyone!



Maud Vantours is a young French artist and designer based in Paris who has already carved out a space in the creative world for herself. She makes these amazing paper cut art piece that has been sought after by many large brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, ADIDAS & Lancôme. I really love the way she describes her work.

" I create multicoloured dreamlike landscapes"



Today is dedicated to the post production artist like Lulie Talmor a Vancouver based creative. Many people don't realize how much work goes into getting the right pict. Many time most of the magic happens in photoshop. Great collaboration!   

Photography: Yuji Watanabe | Model: Nana (Bellona Models) | Hair: Chika Kimura
Make-Up: Nao Yoshida | Post-Production: Lulie Talmor



Knyttan a London based design studio is introducing us to the future of fashion by letting us customize our products, how cool is that?

" Fashion is about individuality; we express ourselves through the clothes we wear, and yet our choices are often made for us.

What if there was a different way that meant designers could offer more to their customers? What if customers could define what is made, letting them make their wardrobe their own?

We started Knyttan to remove the layers between designers and customers – and by doing so, give everyone a better choice".



I've always wanted to know what happened to Monica Lewinsky. I'm also really glad that she did this speech. Yes I know this is an art & design blog but this story has touched a nerve, I had to share it. We live in a world where the Paris Hilton's & Kim Kardashian's are now major brands because they made their private sex lives public.  Do you think things would be different it that happened now? Do you think she was hated because she had an affair with a married man? Why does every one hate her and still accept Bill Clinton?

I'm so glad that she's talking about what it feels like to be bullied by people you don't know via the internet because this happens to so many people.  

If your reading this though email you can click here to see the video, its really worth watching.