Leslie Hossack's next show will be at the Trinity Art Gallery,  Shenkman Arts Centre Ottawa, 
Exhibition will run from  21 Aug. - 23 Sept. | Vernissage: 24 Aug. 1:00 - 3:00 | Artist Panel: 14 Sept. 2:00. If you will be in the Ottawa area you should check it out. 

Artist Statement

Public spaces, changing communities, and familiar items from previous generations fascinate me. I don't live in the past, but I do feel a strong sense of time running through my photographs; I hear a narrative in every series and I see a story in every image. 

I am drawn to iconic structures associated with major events of the last century. In fact, my entire body of work is held together by my interest in monumental structures built to convey status and wield power. I take great interest in researching the history of the locations and events that I explore, and the written descriptions that I compose form an integral part of my artistic practice.

My photographs are interpretive, not documentary. I am fascinated by what an architect creates when putting pencil to paper. My intention is to fashion an image that reveals what I imagine the architect originally designed, minus the chaos and clutter of contemporary life. I feel compelled to deconstruct the buildings - to take them back to the drawing board.

Whether I am photographing an iconic landmark, a massive construction site, or a vanishing community, my work continues to revolve around three major themes: inclusion and exclusion, change and continuity, longing and loss. Often this involves an exploration of the architecture of memory and commemoration - places of memory. But underlying all of this is my insatiable search for meaning and an insistent examination of the singular question of simple human survival.



Atelier Ceramic 

Ceramik B. was founded by in 2007, by a Montreal based ceramicist by the name of Basma Osama. They produce refined porcelain pieces that offers a pure and subdued palette. Their collection of tableware reflects evidence of their love of minimalism where the line and the silhouette are the foremost elements. Each pieces is carefully hand-crafted in an organic form. 



Talent beyond words

His portfolio is so interesting and inspiring it gives me the chills and Flikr honestly doesn't give his work justice. I was so surprised to find out that he had only been shooting for two years! yup you can check out the article here if your as intrigued as I am. Sean's also selling prints of his work so if your interested you can contact him here.   




Secrets Are The Things We Grow

Such an beautiful series from Kris Knight a Toronto based painter.

"Canadian artist Kris Knight paints a cast of characters who consciously conceal aspects of themselves from those around them. They hide truths of who they are, where they come from and whom they love. They fear shame, rejection, gossip and embarrassment. They whisper stories but never want the story to be about them. Secrets have roots, they have currency, they accumulate and grow with time; some are short lived, while others haunt generations. Knight’s character’s front, they put on airs, and they pass; some bluff while others reveal their confessions without saying a word. 
Stemmed from personal stories, these young men isolate themselves from those around them. Some of Knight’s portraits appear as islands, while other paintings portray the bonds formed when secrets are revealed to those held closest. Within these portraits are references to the garden and exercises in pattern work representing how secrets are rooted and grow with time and sometimes take over. These ambiguous portraits depict the balancing act of deeply holding secrets but longing to let them "



Without words

we're left to consider whether love and attraction can break through the impasse of human intolerance.


Take on an idea

is a visual experiment that ended up being my final project as a student. It's a short film that shows the process we have learned to use when approaching new briefs. How different techniques and tools can help you in the creative part when trying to come up with ideas.