It's not often that a dress leaves me gasping for air but this collection by Rosie Assoulin a New York designer is just stunning. I really loved the brief Q & A she did with Harpers Bazaar

"Rosie Assoulin came out of the gate with a major, albeit well-earned following, with supporters like friend and blogger Leandra Medine of the Man Repeller and a host of clout-y fashion publications championing her designs. Recently, Lily Aldridge wore her off-the-shoulder white gown to the amfAR gala and basically stole the show in the couture-like creation. With a background in Oscar de la Renta's altelier, the New York native has elegant formal-wear down but imbues her work with a markedly recognizable signature that belies her young age (some designers work decades to get there)—with plays on volume, interesting uses of color and a way with drama that's somehow perfectly approachable. Read on for what Assoulin had in mind for her standout Fall 2014 season." - HB




Beyond Amazing

The art of paper cutting has always amazed me and the work of Maude White is completely breathtaking. 

Artist Statement 

When I cut paper, I feel as if I am peeling back the outer, superficial layer of our vision to reveal the secret space beneath. With paper cutting there are so many opportunities to create negative space that tells its own story. Letting the observer become present in the piece allows him or her to look through it. I like the idea of the stark contrast between the black and white paper, and the cut nature of the work makes my art more three-dimensional than paint on canvas. 

I have great respect for paper. When I cut, the thin membranous material reveals its strength to me. No matter how small my cuts the paper holds. There is a certain comfort in that, a comfort I enjoy. I feel that there are very few things in the world as reliable and constant as paper. Paper is everywhere and it has been telling stories for centuries. By respecting and honouring paper for what it is, and not considering it a stepping-stone to something greater, I feel like I am communicating some of the pleasure it brings to me. I am not creating for Art’s sake. I am creating for Paper’s sake, to make visible the stories that every piece of paper attempts to communicate to us.




I really love the way Osborne captures his subjects and his lighting technique & post production gives his photographs a very painterly effect. Osborne is a self taught  Kenyan  photographer who made the switch from architecture to design & photography.  




You cant help but notice that portraits are back in a big way & Shaun Downey a Toronto based artist has definitely mastered his craft. His piece "Blue Coco" was one of 58 paintings selected from a record 2,177 International entries for the BP Portrait Award in 2010. Beautiful work Shaun!



Brilliant Product 

This is so amazing! wish I had thought of it. The Floyd leg was made in Detroit by Kyle Hoff & Alex O’Dell as a simple and easy furniture solution for people who move alot. The Floyd leg comes in four different colours and two different heights the price range  from $179 - $189. 



Paper Collective

is a Danish company that collaborates with their favourite graphic designers, agencies, artists and illustrators to create inspirational and iconic graphic prints while promoting great causes and charities. All of their designs are produced in limited editions of 300 posters & 15% of each sale goes to charity. These beautiful posters above were designed by From us with love an industrial design studio based in Stockholm.