© Tafui  

© Tafui  

A few days ago I was chatting with my mom and she told me that she was going natural meaning she was going to stop putting chemical relaxer in her hair to straighten it. My jaw dropped because I have never seen my mother with her hair in it's natural form. I was so happy I am that she's gonna have a little afro soon I made this little illustration to honour her. I was inspired by my favourite picts of her that was taken in the 70's, look how cute she looked!!  

Anyway I hope you are all outside enjoying the sun where ever you are, see you tomorrow. 



We recently finished installing the kitchen the last cabinet on one wall and was just about to take some picts, when our bedroom wardrobe completely fell apart. So instead of doing a before and after post about that we have just right into another DIY! After 3 trips to Ikea cause we always forget something and 1/2 a bucket of paint we are almost done.

I decided to take a bit of a break from touching up some of my other walls cause you know how it goes, once you start painting one wall you see another wall that needs a bit of sprucing up.  

I came across these hand-cuts hyper-realistic paper portraits by Yoo Hyun and it stopped me dead in my tracks! I particularly love the way the pieces are layered over the ink splashes.  


When I was going through my creative block the one thing I realized was that I no longer had any of my favourite tools. I had moved so many times that all my tools were misplaced or I had foolishly left them behind thinking oh I'll just get another one (packers fatigue). That was one of my biggest mistakes because I had had some brushes for such a long time that some of the companies no longer existed :(. It took me while to find the right stuff because now I was starting from scratch.

 I discovered papeterie nota bene on one of my trips to Montreal and it's now one of my favourite stationery stores to get cool accessories & supplies.  I knew if I surrounded myself with tools that I found beautiful and enough mixed media paper I couldn't help but work & you know what it worked! Now I'm not going to tell you what you should get because it's art supplies are super personal. With that being said I'm compiling a list of all my personal must haves and I'll send you the link next week. Having good tools that you love makes the world of a difference don't you think? Do you have a favourite tool or paint set that you cant live without? 


Photo by Tafui

Photo by Tafui

Yes I've been M.I.A. recently and I'm about to tell you why. Ever since I started this blog I've been completely committed to it. Every morning I would get up and scour the internet for cool things to show you and then start my own work. At times I would skip going to my favourite hot yoga classes in the evenings cause I was just to tired or needed to find a post for the next day. Eventually that lack of exercise catches up to you and I started to feel the results of it, so I few weeks ago I decided to do something about it and my hubby & I got bicycles. Well I should be more accurate and say I got an adult trike hehehehe. I've always wanted one but I was pretty specific about what I wanted it to look like ( you know me) It had to be black and have a retro vibe to it.  

After going to most of the bike shops around town and watch the sales people chuckle as I asked for a trike, we found the perfect one on Kijiji of all the places & I LOOOOOOVE IT!! I can't believe I was missing out on so much fun all these years. I'm completely addicted to biking and I especially love going at night you see city in a whole new way when your riding. So every morning I start my day out on my trike and ever evening we head back out.

Have you started anything new this summer that your currently addicted to?  


Last night my friend sent me the link to this video and I didn't get the chance to look at it until now. I am so happy I saw it! Rachel Ryle is someone I've been following on Instagram for the longest while, her account is so fresh and inspiring but I never knew her story. She is the prime example of what can happen if you put your work out there & I especially love this quote.

Good things come to those who make




Textile printing & dyeing has always been something I've been extremely passionate about. The still remember the first screen printing class I took in high school. I use to make abstract patterns out of randomly cropped hand drawn letters of the names of guys that I had a crush on hahahaha.  I would even when I moved to Montreal for Cegep I would tie dye / shibori some of my clothes to change up the look. I would wear them every when so much that some of my friends parents use to commission custom pieces from me.

When i went onto university I took every single fibre arts class that I possibly could and I would often incorporate my textiles art in with my furniture design every chance I could. Now in retrospect I should have just done a minor in Fibre arts but thats water under the bridge.

Life has a way of bringing you what you love and plan on filling my life with as much love as I possibly can. There is enough negativity out there so why add more to your life when you don't need to. 

One of the many reasons why I love summer is that I can turn my tiny from yard into an outdoor studio space. Yesterday I spent all day dipping and dying fabric and I could not be happier with the results. As the seasons change so has my colour palette, I've currently in love with this shade of blue and I so I've added it to my palette. 

My next step will be converting these textiles in loveable huggable one of a kind pillows. So Stay tuned  



Can I just have a moment of silence for one of the most beautiful kitchens out there? This stunning new kitchen is the product of Vipp one of my favourite Copenhagen based design company. 

We are slowly renovating our house and this weekend we will be tackling another a section of our kitchen. As much as I would love to have this kitchen we will be going the Ikea route cause I'm the queen of high end look on an art school budget. I'll show you our progress next week.

Enjoy the weekend everyone 


Something about this video really connects with me because I remember watching Mr.Rogers with my nieces with they were kids. Today my niece is graduating Cegep!!! and even today his words are still relevant. 

"You can go idea's in the garden of your mind"


So technically its still sorting but I am calling for summer to be here ASAP. I'm currently in love with this monochromatic blue colour palette. I will be releasing a new set of prints thats inspired by this view.

Happy Monday guys