This wonderful series of animations by  Drew Tyndell added some joy to my dayswould be fitting after the past couple of days we just had here in Canada. Honestly everything is still a bit surreal. Ottawa is commonly known as a sleepy town, within 12 hours it has completely transformed. The city streets are now filled with news anchors and their crew instead of tourist. 

This wonderful work is by a Nashville based freelance designer who converted his  minimal paintings into these vibrant animations. via 


The first time I saw these posters was when we were sitting in ches Boris  a few weeks ago. I immediately thought " hmm that would look good on my office wall " then the food came & we forgot to grab one before we left. Now I'm happy to see that they are for purchase at inprint . They were designed by Ed Kwong a Montreal based Illustrator who has this really unique artistic style that I really like.