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I've been updating the shop with a whole bunch of goodies. Above is the latest  18 X 18 pillow called Chelsea dust in salt. I really like the way the pattern looks in the reverse which I call "salt".


I've also added new print and new sizes to your old favourites :). I've also changed the sizes of my signature square prints to 13 X 13 from 11 X 11 the price has also reflected that change. At first when I designed my prints I wanted them to fix most store bought frames (many Ikea). They have now changed the size of their frames and matte so I have to do the same to accommodate that. 


Go take a look and let me know what you think.



I am sure by now you've all seen the unveiling of the Barak & Michelle Obama's portraits that they commissioned from world famous Kehinde Wiley & Amy Sherald. As I watched the interviews of the artists yesterday I had a flash back to a conversation I had with a painting professor my university days. His name slips my mind but I never forgot what he said. He told me that Fine Art was the "last frontier" for black people in North America. Now being from Jamaica where I was never a visible minority (race or gender) many of the isms that minorities who where born in North America face had never been an issue for me. It wasn't until I moved to Canada for my post secondary education that I encounter some of those isms.  

Ok I digress...... back to that professors conversation. He began to explain the many issues and isms that I would face with as a black woman in Fine Art & Design living in North America. He talked about how people of African decent was not seen in the same intellectual light as other fine artists. He also listed many of the well known African American artist where just well known as "African American" artist.

I remember leaving his class room feeling really depressed and disappointed it also made me realize why I was the only black person in 97% of my art classes. I was also really grateful and happy that I was from Jamaica where I didn't feel bogged down with other peoples baggage.

With that being said I've always been a hopeful optimist in a realistic sort of way. So am much as he gave me a dose of his reality I always hoped that things would be different when I was done doing my thing and it was for me. The thing is, I moved back to Jamaica after school and at that time that was my saving grace. 

Fast forward to me being back in North America, I noticed some of those issues that professor had told me about still being played out today. Although there has been some change that change has been slow until now.

Today, the day after the unveiling there is a new twist on an old conversation I am once again hopeful & proud. The works of Kehinde Wiley & Amy Sherald speaks volumes in more ways than one! Just look at the past portraits the style in which they were painted the emotion they once wanted to evoke. What the Obamas did is a refreshing change especially now that we are living in what I call the " Us & Them" period in time. For me this unveiling is especially important to all the hopeful budding artist out there that there is a place for them. 

Now all I can hope is that some of that positive ebb and flow moves north.

Happy Tuesday everyone!  




Hey Everyone!

Yes I know its been ages! Let me start out by saying I hope you're having a great start to your new year. For me I'm hoping this year will be better to me than the last two. As many of you know I lost my mom in 2016 and then my dad in 2017 and I really needed to take some time to process things. Over the past few months I've had the opportunity of meeting some of you and I want to thank you all again for your kind words and encouragement.

When I started this blog I wanted it to be a space to inspire and to be inspired so the last thing I want to do is to share my pain.  

With that being said, you will be hearing from me a lot more often, still working on my schedule since I am juggling many hats. I also think I'm gonna be doing a bit of a refresh to spice things up a bit so stay tuned.








It's not very often I'm completely blown away by a 3D printed object, to be honest with you they have always seemed to be another excuse to dump more unwanted plastic into our world. BUT this new COS x  collaboration with OLIVIER VAN HERPT is just to die for. OLIVIER VAN HERPT is a designer based in the city of Eindhoven in The Netherlands who spent the past 2 years developing his own ceramic 3D printer.  



So by now EVERYBODY & their dog knows I love black and white! This hotel was definitely meant for me! Just look at it. The use of simple line to visually divide the space is so smart. I also loved the exposed clothing rack. So if anyone wants to feels like flying me somewhere :) this place is definitely on my bucket list. 

You can check out more about hotel Mono here


Let's just say that It's been quite the couple of months, My dad was in the hospital twice and now I'm back in Jamaica staying with him for a bit. I have to admit it hasn't been easy. I know that life isn't always perfect but It's hard watching my only living parent go from driving them self around to not being able to basic things on their own. Coming back to our old family house was pretty hard because the memories of mom is still pretty fresh. There are traces of her everywhere, even in this pretty palm tree the planted a few years ago.  

Hope you guys have a great week! 



I met Kristina a few years ago when she emailed requesting an interview & studio visit for her blog. Kristina is an Ottawa based architect and image maker with a love for cutting & pasting the old fashioned way. It has been so wonderful to watch her grow and express herself as an artist. Lately she has been doing some really cool mixed media collages, she combines her physical space, shadows and found images to create these magical pieces.

Go check out her work here & visit her shop here 


Every Fall we make all these elaborate plans to do a bunch of winter sports and that never happens & this past fall was no different. Needless to say we still don't own a pair of snow shoes and now that we are in the middle of winter all we want to do is hibernate.

 Just a few says ago it was one of those warm foggy winter days that I just love! Whenever it's like that I always feel the urge to grab my camera and take picts of everything. Being out in the crips winter air is always so refreshing. The brown and blueish hues covered with that smokey grey makes the city scape magical.

Happy Monday!  


I don't know if you guys are like this but It always takes me until the second week of January to get back to regular work/life mode. It was kinda nice to just hang out in my PJ's all day and watch movies. While I was cleaning up my studio space I found an old list of "things to do"  that I had made for myself but forgot about.  I unfolded it and stuck it up on my wall, I have to admit it's an ambitious one but I'm gonna go for even single line item. I don't know how I lost track but I'm going to stay focused.

The thing is everyone has dreams and sometimes we let other people convince us that it's not possible to achieve them and today I say to you that you should dump those people! if you can think of it, you can do it because everything starts out as dream.

I am not telling you to make a New Years Resolution cause thats not me I am more of I am going to change this about my life. I few months ago I decided that I am not going to consuming anymore meat and I stopped cold turkey and I've never looked back. It's something that I kept planning on doing and then I realized that there's not time like the present.

The list that I made is more of a longer process but I plan on breaking it down into smaller pieces to get through it. As much as this sounds like a bumper sticker, the reality is we only have one shot at this thing called life, so I'm gonna go for it & I think you should too! 

Have a great week and I'll keep you posted.