A few weeks ago the Enriched Bread Artist had an open house. I'm on the hunt for a studio space so to I decided to pay them a visit.

The EBA is, it's a shared space / artist co-op located at 951 Gladstone Avenue, Ottawa. The building itself is divided into a few artist run spaces like the Gladstone Clay Works. The visit reminded me of a mini Belgo building in Montreal. The smell of paint, saw dust, rubber and ink brought me back to art school. The trip was really inspiring & really I'm glad I went.


I really like Jenny's unique approach to making her piece. She starts out by having a tea party where the tea is served on top of her hand made paper piece. During the tea party / ceremony the participants are encouraged to "spill" a bit of your tea on the paper. When the tea ceremony is over she takes the paper and sews around each spill mark, outlining them as if they were islands & continents on a map. 


Joyce Westrop is a sculptor, photographer & printmaker and I absolutely love her work! Her sculptures are made from upcycled tires that's delicately suspended by monofilament or minimally framed inside a clear plexi cube. Just look at beautiful shadow  that shadow! Joyce also makes mono prints by using the tire to make an impression on paper. 


When I saw Yvonne Wiegers's work all I could say was wow! If you've ever been on my Instagram feed you would know how obsessed I am with circles. Just by looking at Yvonnes work you can see how time consuming it could be. It's taken her up to nine months to do a single piece! talk about a labour of love. 

Hope you enjoyed part 1 of my tour! stay tuned.