Art Direction by  Tafui  Photography by  Jo  

Art Direction by Tafui Photography by Jo 

A few days ago I was listening to a local radio show about gardening. A listener had called in to ask the garden expert about getting rid of a certain type of weed from his flower bed. This led to an interesting conversation, with the expert trying to convince the caller that as much as he may consider this plant to be a weed, it's still beautiful and he should embrace them and consider working them into his garden. 

This reminded me of growing up in Jamaica, where air plants often grew on the power lines. The average Jamaican considers these plants to be such a pest–I grew up with neighbours trying to do everything they could to keep them at bay. Now that I am older and no longer living in Jamaica, I find myself scouring plant shops in each city I visit to find interesting, exotic air plants–the very same ones that were considered a nuisance back home. So, in the words of my husband “exotic is where you’re not”– how interesting that we often don’t appreciate things until we are removed from them.

A few weeks ago, on our way to a friend’s party who lives outside of the city, we came across the most beautiful patch of flowers. We soon discovered that these were the weeds the individual who called into the radio show was trying to get rid of!

Beauty can be found in everything, and whether a plant is considered a weed or a flower, it can still make you happy!