Squarespace is usually know for their blogging platform and beautiful templates, recently they launched a new  "make your own logo" feature that has pissed off a lot of designers. I want to start out by saying I use Squarespace & like a lot of what they have to offer! Can they improve? Yes! but honestly what service or product doesn't? Squarespace Logo is one way of improving their service & attracting new customers.  After watching their intro video & reading Tina respond to all the criticism I can see what the problem really is.

Let me start by saying I do not believe in publicly humiliating anyone nor would I ever condone it. When we speak to others in anger sometime it prevents us form expressing what we REALLY mean. I think the problem might be with the way SS introduced their new product to an audience that full of creatives.

SS initially launched their new feature by saying "anyone can create a professional logo on their own". The truth is Many designers hear that on a daily from people don't see why it's important to pay designer for their work. So when that tone is coming from a creative / tech company like SS it really feels like a slap across the face to many struggling designers, who support them.

There are many  different hidden factors that go into making & pricing a logo! first there's the cost of your hardware, software & fonts just to name a few.

Maybe if SS had directed this question to designers - "what if there was a cloud based way we to create a beautiful vector icon for $10 would you try it?

Then this question none designers - What if you could create a logo like this on a startup budget? We have modern & trendy stock illustrations to help. I think that would have been a better way to show off their new feature. I honestly don't think that SS really intended to downplay the work that goes into designing a logo or branding a company, it just came out wrong way! right SS?                                            

Peace, Love & Listen to more Bob Marley