Initially, when I started this blog, I wanted to feature 100% Canadian art, design & creatives. I really wanted to close the gap between provinces & cities by getting to know other creatives in my community. However, over the holidays I really began to think about that concept of community. For me, it's not limited to my physical location; it's really about an aesthetic. Every artist, shop or creative I've featured was because I was attracted to their aesthetic. I love the internet! it's the new gallery, art studio, what ever you want it to be and is so global. By keeping the site all Canadian, I was indirectly saying that I like the artists because they are Canadian when really, I like them because they are good and just happen to be Canadian too. Don't get me wrong, I will continue to showcase mainly Canadian content, but occasionally insert other cool things I find. If someone's good then they are good! Right?


Michael Scott Slosar

Recently I've been transfixed by all the amazing gif animations out there. You know I like making gifs. This morning I came across these beautiful pieces & thought I would share them with you. They were made by Michael Slosar, a Southern Californian photographer who moved to Brooklyn twelve years ago. You can see more of his work here.