I just discovered Jonathan Adler's show on AOL Originals Series and while I was watching one of his episodes, he said the most amazing thing; 

"You can't be truly creative unless you stop being judgmental about stuff other people make and stop being judgmental about yourself when you're making something.
"You have to free your mind and that's when magic happens."

All week I've been busy trying to decide what look I want for my online shop. I must have styled and sorted through a million photographs. Ok, maybe not that many but you get the idea. Branding is something that I've done for years but always for other people. I must admit, when it comes to my personal work, that nasty inner critic comes out in full force. It tells me my work is not good enough, that things won't work and that I should redo everything! When you're creative, it's normal to step back and look at what you're doing to see if you're feeling it or not. When you're in the midst of this, you have to remember to be kind to yourself . When you feel that little voice getting louder and louder stop, breathe & count to ten. Realize that it's all in your mind and if you push past that feeling it will only get better. 

Happy Friday everyone & I hope you all have a wonderful long weekend.