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I'm an avid indie magazine reader and collector, as you can see from some of my previous posts about magazines here & here. Because of my love for unique magazines, I usually scour the internet to see what's new. I often ask my local magazine store if they can bring in certain magazines and now they jokingly call me the high-end magazine lady. For the most part they are usually pretty receptive and have brought in magazines as per my request. During conversations with the store manager, I found out about the "list"– that they don't really choose what magazine to carry, the distributor does.  

In this day and age, with access to the internet, you can see how many high quality, independent magazines are out there. Unfortunately, most of them aren't available to people who would actually enjoy reading them because they are not on someones "list". I thought I would do my part by sharing my discoveries with you. My new "Magazine Crush" posts will consist of two segments; one about the magazine itself & the other about the people behind the magazine. 

Extra Curricular

Today's magazine crush is about Extra Curricular. I discovered this magazine on Instagram and something about it really connected with me. I immediately got in touch with the editor Ellie Smith and a few weeks later here we are. It came to me all the way from New Zealand in a cute, little envelope filled with stamps and the sweetest post card tucked inside of it. Extra Curricular is 75 pages of wonderful, inspiring stories about everyday creative people doing extraordinary things with their lives. The thing that really got me is that the magazine is printed in a limited run of 1000 copies & every single copy is hand numbered. Such a personal touch, it's like receiving a little package of love in the mail.

"Extra Curricular is about folks who get creative with their spare time. Published out of Auckland three times a year by Ellie Smith and a small team of dedicated contributors passionate about making and doing, Extra Curricular features up-and-coming creatives from both sides of the Tasman who care about the world and what they are putting out into it.

High production values and beautiful paper stock – combined with a curiosity about the processes and spaces of creative people – make for a compact package that feels nice in your hands. 

Created in 2009, and now a few thousand copies down the track, each one is still hand-numbered – we like it that way."

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