I must admit I AM AN ADDICT! I looOoOoOoOve magazines but not just any magazine, I love a clean, beautifully photographed well designed magazines. They could be in German I would still buy it! honesty I am that bad. Second to beautiful magazine I love a good cook book! The Kinfolk Table has merged the best of both worlds. This "Homemade" creative above was done by Danny Demers a Montreal based designer Kinfolk.

" Homemade was a launch created for the release of  Kinfolk's first book release "The Kinfolk Table". The book gathers home chefs and professionals in a series of recipes for small gatherings. To capture this sentiment, we created a small gathering in our home to celebrate the book in Montreal. Guests were invited to dine amongst us as a family would welcome you to their table. We created, a series of home candles with Archer Hard Goods for guests to bring home as well a series of bags for other takeaway items given at the event."

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