This winter has been a long one & if you are like me, your hair & skin have had enough! A couple weeks ago I remembered this cute little shop in Chelsea that I had been to before that had the most amazing cocoa butter & soaps so I went back to get some more.

The shop is called the Old Chelsea Soapery , or la Savonnerie Old Chelsea, & it's owned by Sophie Tremblay and Jasmine Sasseville who have been hand making soap themselves for a few years now.

Picts by  Jo

Picts by Jo

I love this shop & their products for many reasons, but mostly because they are local, they use all edible ingredients in their soaps, they are one of the only places that sell raw cocoa butter, & the soaps & butter are designed for sensitive skin. I love their products and I think you will too!

S O S H A L L W O R K & the Old Chelsea Soapery are so certain you'll love their stuff that we've decided to offer two lucky readers a chance to win a package of their products! 


1. Go to the Old Chelsea Soapery website and in the comments below tell us which of their products is your favourite and why.

2. Head over to their page and enter your name & email address for a chance to win!

Two lucky winners will be picked at random and announced on April 21, 2014.

Contest closes April 18, 2014.

*Free shipping throughout Canada & US. International participants will be asked to pay for shipping.