Don't forget to enter the soshallwork + Savonnerie Skincare give away! The contest will closes Today at midnight & the winner will be announced on April 21!  

Here's a list of what you can win!

A beautiful shaving kit!
1. Clay pot made by Old Chelsea ceramist artist Carol Fromovitch 2. Kelp Shaving Soap - makes the blade glide easily and hydrate the skin  3. Italian Silk Shaving Brush. Retail value: 39.95$

Or an ensemble of beauty products!
from top left to bottom right - 1. No.3 Face Exfoliant Powder - our surprising face exfoliant to be combine with the soap 2.Cocoa Butter Bar - use it to hydrate your face, your hands and your body 3.The Rose Milk Soap - delicate 4. Gentle and feminine Our Pure Soap - made with 100% olive oil, perfect for gently cleaning your face 5. Coconut Lip Balm - your lips will feel like doing a little salsa. Retail value : 38.65$

Here's how you enter

Pop over to the Old Chelsea Soapery site and enter your name & email address! it's as easy as that! Click here if you want to find out more about them. 

The contest is open to anyone on the globe * shipping cost will apply if your outside of Canada

- Please Note the giveaway is now closed congratulations Glen & Maria, I've sent you an email with the instructions. Happy Sunday