Pict by Tafui 

Pict by Tafui 

Hey everyone I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Every Easter I go visit my sister & she usually makes a wonderful meal & her version of a Jamaican Easter Bun. I wanted to show you what it looks like since it's always difficult to describe. Its a sweet bread that we usually eat with cheese, yes I know it's sounds off but its really good. Even though Im off sugar & dairy it's hard for me to resist. My sister is one of those cooks turn baker who bakes without a recipe but if your interested in making your own you can find a recipe here 

Oh guess who took & styled the picts above ;) I've been practicing my food styling & photography skills! I've been slowly working on my fear of being "imperfect" I know what I want my work to look like & I'll eventually get there. Im sure Im not the only one who feels this way but if I don't document the process & share it you'll never see your progress. 

Happy Monday!