A few days ago I went to La Petite Mort Gallery for the Vernissage of UP / DOWN / CHARM / STRANGE / TOP / BOTTOM by La Trampa. La Trampa is a collective of artist & friends who live, work in Mexico City and often exhibit together. The show consist of César Catsuu Antonio LópezErnesto AlvaVeronica BapeOmar ArcegaRuben Morales Lara & Guillermo Trejo . A few days after the show I had a meet up with four of the six artist in the group.

Veronica Bape - A soft spoken, petite woman with a clear vision of her work.

“I am very inspired by things that are related to human youth, but that are not so obvious. Things such as ugliness for example; contrast of ugly and beauty, physical ugliness in features such as nose and teeth. I like to play around with that idea. That is why I paint these types of portraits–it’s like an investigation of things I don’t really know, that are mysterious. I think through my art I have found my own answers about things I don’t know and want to know.”

“This year’s portrait is about ugliness and things I’m looking for. That is why you see the big ears and the emphasis of the eyes. It’s entertaining for me to do this type of work; I’m free to do what I want in the place I want and not have to stick to classic rules relating to light and composition. I know how to do that stuff, but I like to break rules. It allows my paintings to have a more personal dialogue and character. That for me is very important. That is why I used unexpected colours and palettes.”

more to come!