picts by Jo

picts by Jo

I discovered the cutest new magazine while I was visiting one of my favourite flower shops. Most of you know I have a thing for magazines, so while I was waiting at the cash I had to take a peek. I was pleasantly surprised that it's 100% Ottawa!

Caviart is the brain child of graphic designer Nicole Vallée & photographer André Rozon. The magazine is loaded with beautiful photography and unique finds. 

Q. What’s your opinion on "print is dead"? 

A. I don't think "print is dead". I do think print has evolved. I think we're more thoughtful and less wasteful about print — the subject matter is more specific and the target audience is more defined. Websites are evolving to look more like print magazines and magazines are learning to be more nimble in terms of production and reach. Digital and print can co-exist. At the end of the day it's about delivering information in a way people want to read it.

Q. What’s your reason for making a print magazine?

A. We felt a print magazine would engage more of the reader's senses. The design and texture of a printed piece are an invitation to be touched, flicked, handled. You can smell the ink on the paper. Digital can never replace that tactile experience. We hope the magazine will become a coffee-table book — have a longer shelf life than an online publication. Between you and and me, after spending a typical workday in front of my computer screen, I relish the opportunity to read a printed magazine or book and curl up in bed or settle in a deck chair by the river at my cottage. It's a different experience. Laptops and iPads just aren't as romantic or comforting.

Q. What stock did you print your magazine on?

A. The paper is Cougar Smooth. It is an FSC certified stock. It has a wonderful finish that brings a soft and milky effect to the photography — again this effect could only be achieved through print.

Q. How often will you be publishing an issue?

A. We plan on publishing once a year, for now.

pict via caviart

pict via caviart

You can purchase a copy of the the magazine here and they also have prints like the one above for sale too. You can check out my magazine crush here.

Happy Friday! -T