I usually listen to CBC when I work and last week I heard this song and I had to stop what I was doing so I could focus all my attention on what I was hearing. The sound is so beautiful and unique it's done by Tanya Tagaq a modern Inuit throat singer. Her sound is like nothing you've heard before. One of the most interesting thing about Tanya's story is that she is completely self taught. Traditionally throat singing is done by two persons, since Tanya is a solo artist she really has to work that much harder, but is it ever worth it! When you get the chance you should listen to interview with Jian Ghomeshi. I liked this quote so much I hand to hand letter it. 


One of the best thing about Canada is their ancient people and Tanya is such a great example of Canada at it's best. She just launched a new album titled Animism you've got to give it a listen.