About his work
“For this show I am presenting three pieces that were originally all separate and done at different times, but I decided they worked and communicated well together. It was kind of an experiment–taking three unrelated pieces and putting them together. They somehow represent and evolution of my work.” 

About the oldest piece
When I did this one I was thinking of the idea of “breaking windows”. So, I broke glass and used spray paint to create a stencil. I wanted to use these materials to create a painting. This piece is about two years old, but it has just been in my house; no one has seen it before.

About the second and third pieces:
“These two are part of a new line of work where I’m using geometrical shapes to create loose, abstract works. My vision is to create some kind of international art so people will see it and be attracted to it because the composition is interesting. I wanted to communicate the idea that you don’t need to use symbols in order to attract people to your art. I thought that was really cool and that their must be a more systematic way to create these abstractions so that’s why I began doing these drawings a couple months ago.” 

“The pieces start as me looking at how you can see text and also see it as an image–seeing the words or letters as visual elements and how these elements can repeat in a piece, just how visual symbols are commonly used in art.” That’s the idea of the constellations,” [referring to the geometric patterns]. “The composition is like this because I put these two pieces together and found them extremely interesting together. I try to be experimental and have my own, unique style. That’s where my line of work is heading right now. I don’t know when I’m going to change, but I definitely want to start working with more colour.”

Where did you meet the rest of the group?
We all went to the same school together–we started university in 2002 and Veronica and I were in the same group and Omar and Ernesto were in another group. A couple of years later, all four of us met in the same printmaking studio with the same professor and we became really good friends. We did a portfolio and exhibition together during our undergrad and always kept in touch. When I moved to Canada 7 or 8 years ago, I was thinking that I should bring these guys over at some point. It was really natural and something I was planning for a while.

Transcribed by Kat Photos by Jo