A few days ago I did a feature on Veronica Bape one of the members of La Trampa. Today I will be sharing the works of the other members of the group. The work above belongs to Omar Arega Morale who's work consists of intricately hand cut paper collage thats similar to a Rorschach Test

Q: Tell me about your work?

A: “My goal was to create a three-dimensional piece. So, that’s where I started. I cut out pictures of animals from biology albums that they use to have at school when I was a kid. Then, I found different objects and cut them out to create a collage. When you look at it you see what you want–it’s up to personal interpretation.” [talking about a specific piece] “Here, if you look closely, you can see guns in the piece. The guns represent power and chaos.”  

“that’s the point of using the layers of colour–creates a mask, more ambiguous– more room for personal interpretation.”

Q: Why do you use dictator imagery in your work?
A: “I think it’s because in Mexico you can clearly see chaos and political power on a daily basis. You see violent images in newspapers and on TV everyday. We are not disconnected from it–it is a collectives craziness among the country.”

Guillermo Trejo adds “I think also why we have all of this in our work is because, in Mexico, there is a heavy presence of a dictator as a positive person, even though they can be bad too. Weird, interesting dichotomy of power.”

Not only political power represented–also military power and religious power through images of priests and soldiers in some of Omar’s pieces. 

Q: Why do you use encyclopaedias?

 A: “In total, this series of pieces uses over 400 images from various encyclopaedias and books. Out of respect, whenever I cut up a book I use all the images in it. I find the books I use at book markets and then study the images. I then decide what images I want to cut out, but I don’t throw out the book after–I keep them. I have a big collection of incomplete books at home.”

Omar's work is available at La Petit Mort Gallery

Transcribed by Kat Photos by Jo