Guy Berube is the Curator & Founder of La Petit Mort Gallery, an Ottawa-based gallery and one of my favourite spots in town. His gallery always has the coolest furniture and artifacts! As soon as you step through his doors you can tell that he truly cares about nurturing good art.

"Sometimes it’s tricky to come up with something that will appeal to the locals, who often prefer to support work by local artists. I wanted to help them broaden their scope, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that we’ve been so busy. I think it has to do with our connection to Mexico–Mexico is very popular among Canadians. There seems to be a bond with Latin culture, which I have naturally as a French-Canadian. I’m very interested in continuing this relationship with these artists.”

Even though the show is done, you can always pop by the gallery to view their work. I'm sure we will be seeing more from this group at La Petit Mort Gallery.

Special thanks to Kat for transcribing all the interviews and to Jo for taking all the pics.