We recently purchased a loft (more like two years ago) and since the first day I saw it I knew the bathroom needed to be updated. It's so shamefully 80's & I often wonder what the previous owner was thinking when they said Yes I want those green textured tiles. If I could only go back in time & to hit them in the head like the V8 commercial to head bonk them.

For as long as I can remember I've always been a keep it simple kind of girl. As teenager when my parents were renovating the house & they asked me what tiles I wanted in my bathroom and I said I want it to be all white. My mother was like what? hell no! She has more of a Donald Trump kinda kinda lady if you know what I mean. I eventually convinced them and when it was done, even my mom could appreciate an all white bathroom. I like to see dirt so I can get rid of it & for me white is really easy to keep clean. 

Now that we are getting ready to update our bathroom I've been looking around for some inspiration. Pinterest is one of my go to places, there are so many great examples to pull inspiration from. The one thing that I've been going back and forth on is the bathtub. We currently have a builtin tub that covered with the same green tile. So to be honest it could be the god awful tiles that's messing with my head.

What I know for sure - the colour scheme black, white with a bit of grey. The tileswhite penny round on the floor & white subway tiles on the wall. I finally found the perfectly sized vanity & the dual flush toilet with a what I call a dust free side. I just need to decide on my silly bathtub!! should it stay or should it go? To be honest there's nothing technically wrong with it & ideally I could just replace the green tiles with new white ones. But then when I find myself going through my inspiration board & I come across those cool tubs, I just want to rip everything out! 

photo credit styled by Studio Pepe for high-end bathroom brand Agape