I discovered these beautiful pieces by Robert Tate today, He is a Manitoba based artist who was recently shortlisted as a finalist in the 2014 RBC Painting Competition. I really love the simplicity in his work.   


My practice can be described as ‘painting with objects’ or ‘painting as installation’. This process is grounded in methods of decoding bits of visual information found in daily life that grab my attention (e.g. patterns in architectural finishing and nondescript spaces found in advertisement, film/video and animation backgrounds). I usually create formal assemblages by experimenting with various materials and techniques and through systems of trial and error, the work evolves from there. Fundamentally, my motivations are grounded in the mystique and transformative possibilities of the art object and its relationship with the viewer.

In a lot of my work, ‘illusions’ occur, which allude to how we envision size, perceive the weight of objects, and lose our sense of direction. These are visceral and vulnerable sensations (like synaesthesia) that are critical to my work, because they remind the viewer of other places where they may have experienced similar responses. At once suggesting other places or worlds through the use of colour, form and a variety materials, I also ensure that this illusion self-destructs into the physical environment, making the viewer aware of their position within this ever-expanding torrent of visual information we all live in.