I might be late in the game but I only recently discovered Stella Jean and for a second I thought I had died and gone to pattern heaven. I really love the way she merges traditional West African textile design with a modern silhouette.

I've been working on my personal website and updating my portfolio all at the same time. Yes, like most creatives it takes me longer to do my own work than my clients. Especially since this time I've decided that I'm only going to put personal work in it, like know like right?

I've always loved surface design I'm a painter after all :) and patterns have always subconsciously showed up in my work especially in my paintings.

So I'm making an adjustment in my life by going after what I love to spent my days doing. I'm almost finished and I promise I'll show you what I've been up to as soon as I'm done. A little heads up, hand painted & hand drawn patterns will be a huge part of it :)