After a year of blogging I realizedI never really introduced myself to you so I guess theres no time like the present. Today I'm gonna share a little personal stuff so bring out your napkins :). Just kidding, warning this is gonna be a long one!  

My hubby & I moved to Ottawa from Jamaica where I had a very active creative career. I was teaching at a local university,  I had my little design consultation studio and I was also making art and selling my art on a regular basis. Then we moved to Ottawa and all that wonderful creative inspiration just stopped flowing. Even though I wasn't making personal work as much as I use to I wasn't that concerned. I just figured that I when we moved out of our crappy little apartment things would get back to normal. 

So we purchased our first home just outside the city and like most first time buyers we were super excited. I quickly set up a studio space, everything seemed perfect but I still hated everything I made!! I couldn't believe I was going through a huge creative drought. This block lasted for years! yup years I would periodically make things that I liked but not at level and speed that I was accustomed to. Then came the drama of being the proud owner of a condo a huge special assessment. Along with all the financial drama there was also people drama- those of you who live in a condo now exactly what I mean! Anyway with out getting too deep into my crazy condo stories we decided it was time for a change. After almost a year on the market we finally sold our crazy condo all on our own, when 6 other units were on the market, I staged it and Joe took the photos! 

By sheer luck we for found a little place in the heart of the city even though it's exactly half the size of our previous place it was what we could afford & it wasn't a condo! As soon as we got to out new place the my inability to express myself artistically began to take its toll. There was this huge hole in my life and there was no avoiding it. One morning while I was lying in bed with my face buried in the mattress feeling sorry for myself I decided I had had enough. I made a promise to that I was going to stop waiting for inspiration to come to me I would go out & find it.

Each day I would start my day off by visiting my favourite blogs, all those blogs inspired me to start my own blog. I recruited Joe as my main photographer and Kat as my editor cause I can't spell to save my life. For one year decided that I would concentrated on featuring Creative Canadians. Even thought it was difficult at times I always managed to find someone awesome to share. Through out this entire process of searching for a daily dose of inspiration and pushing myself out of my comfort zone I found my inspiration.

 "Life begins at the end of your comfort Zone" 

So today for the first time I'll show you a small mono chromatic geometric series that I made a few months ago. The tile is between the lines 1,2,3 & 4. If you read this entire post in one go you rock! Thanks for reading & I'll see you in the morrows.