When I came across Ali's work I had to pause for a moment, I just love the clarity in her work then when I read about her process I knew I had to share it with you.


Ali Cavanaugh carefully layers watercolor pigment on a wet kaolin clay surface using tiny round synthetic brushes. Her methods of layering translucent pigment on the white surface give the paintings a sense of  being lit from behind. The iridescence that she achieves with her stacking of colour is unparalleled. The luminous quality is often described by collectors as being transcendent or sublime and the detail and light can only be experienced in person. She has spent the last seven years developing her inimitable process and refers to her paintings as "modern frescoes" because they are so uniquely different than what we know of as traditional watercolour paintings. Her paintings are most similar to fresco-secco paintings, but she uses all modern materials; hence, modern frescoes. The panels for Cavanaugh's paintings are constructed by Ampersand Art Supply located in Buda, Texas. Ampersand first treats the wood panels with its trademarked 'Archivalseal' primer and then they coat the panels with a ph balanced kaolin clay veneer. This archival clay coating is delicate to the touch but very durable to the watercolour medium. Ali uses Daniel Smith and Golden's QoR watercolours exclusively.



  I could look at Ali Cavanaugh's work for days.