The other day I got a chance to speak to Stephanie Vicente of Herd magazine a fun little independent Ottawa based magazine. Since this month is support local month I thought it would be a perfect time to showcase them for Magazine Crush.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself & your team?

I'm 29, born in Calgary raised in Ottawa. I have always been a writer. Ever since I was a little girl I've been writing all the time. I also have a professional background in film and television production, but left the field to start Herd Magazine. It might seem like an odd jump, from film and tv to editorial entrepreneurship, but it felt completely natural to me.

We have a creative and design team, Isaac Vallentin and Pascaul Huot, and together they make LOG-CB (click here for their website). I believe them to be the most progressive and creative dudes in the city. We've also got an Associate Editor, Patrick Jodoin, who is my right-hand man. Our Photography Editor is Chris Snow who possesses a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Concordia University. 

The magazine also wouldn't be possible without our amazing contributors, some have been with us since the first issue, and others have joined us later in the game.

2. What inspired you start Herd?

Unhappiness. For so long I thought I was made to work in film. I wanted to direct. I wanted to be Quentin Tarantino's female counterpart. But the longer I worked in the industry the more I missed working with words. I had some pretty dark times over the years, and writing was always my form of expressive therapy. When I didn't have time to do that anymore (because I was working 14-20 hour days on set) I forgot how to get in touch with myself. I saw where the darkness was leading me and I knew I had to change my lifestyle. This happened at a time when I was falling in love with Ottawa and the underground culture. I had previously worked on a culture magazine in Whistler, BC and remembered how neat it was to interview artists and learn some intimate stories about them. I wanted to do that for our Ottawa.

3. How do you source your material? 

There's not much rhyme or reason to it. Sometimes I catch wind of something that I think would make an interesting story and I write the idea down and assign someone to it for the next issue. Other times writers come to me with their own pitches. It's all very organic.

4. Whats your favourite thing to do outside of work?

That's a tough question because I'm not obsessed with any one thing outside of writing. I absolutely love films, especially French new wave films. I love to read. I love to ski. I love to drink bourbon. I love fashion. I love thrift shopping. I love live music. Basically, I like to do all the stuff that someone would expect me to like, haha.

5. What magazines are you currently in love with?

Kinfolk is so great. I love the quality of the photography and the writing. I absolutely love the colour palette. I also like Inventory even though it's more geared towards men. And Monocle Magazine for its diverse coverage and outstanding curation.

6. Whatโ€™s next for Herd?  

We've recently recruited several online bloggers to keep up with some online content. We're aiming for the site to help us reach a larger audience, perhaps beyond Ottawa. We're also playing with the idea of larger, special-limited-edition issues for sale nationwide. Right now though, we're upping our distribution numbers to accommodate the growing demand. This last issue was the quickest issue we've moved. If we're going to make sure that as many people are picking up hard copies of the magazine as possible then we're going to have to print more copies!

You can grab your free copy at mags and fags  if your Ottawa based and Type Books if your in Toronto. You can also get copies directly from them here

Happy Monday guys