Can someone tell me how we are in November already? We literally have less than two weeks left till the end of the month wow!

A few weeks ago I made some custom block printed stationery and shared it on my Instagram feed and they all sold out before I could put them in my shop! So I made some more and including the gift tags. They are block printed & hand finished on acid free matte black paper with beautiful silver, gold & white ink cause it's the season for bling! 

These cards are meant for people who love hand made goods and perfect for that special someone in your life ( even if that someone is you) and guess what? You can also frame them in a little ikea frame cause they are all one of a kind.  I will be spending all weekend updating the shop so you can see the full collection on Monday! A few of them are also in The Goods shop located on Dalhoise Street if your Ottawa based.