So I have to tell you guys this story, cause it too funny not to share. When I was a kid I went out and got a birthday card for my mom and just wrote "Happy birthday to mom" in it and she was not impressed. She looked at it and paused for a bit and said "Thank you, but next time I was you to make my card". Yes I know that sounded a bit harsh but my moms a tuff cookie and she speaks her mind even when you don't want to hear it :) Fast forward to me going to Cegep in Montreal at Christmas I use to make my own greeting cards with dried leaves hahahahaha. Then I would sell them to my neighbours for $15 a pop! Every time I remember those days I have to laugh cause if the internet was big back them I would have been all over it. 

These days my card hustle is a bit more upscale :) no more knocking on my neighbours house with my cards :). It's for those of your who love hand made goods or to feed that inner art collector in you who cant afford original work. All these cards & envelopes look great in those little ikea frames ! You can get them at shoptafui.com