I've been busy making my dreams come to reality. Let me tell you it's not an easy task because there is always that little voice that pops in your head that say's what the hell are you doing? So every morning when I wake up I have my little mantra go go go go go!

Whenever your feeling like your crazy for having a big dreams for your life,  just remember every single thing started out as a dream! The aeroplane, computer, internet all started out in someones head. So what I want to do isn't such a big deal.  

For the longest while I have been a modern abstract painter who only showed my work in galleries. Now I'm Illustrating and hand lettering in a different style, this is a new path for me, is it scary yes but if you don't try you'll never know. So today I wanted to share something I tell myself when even I have bought, because we all have that moment when we self bought.

" You are nothing with out your dreams"  

Don't let anyone or anything convince you otherwise, dreams are the things that make us smile inside, so why not go for it?  What if you start small by make a little step towards making your dream come true every day, just try it. 

Have a wonderful weekend guys!