We recently took a trip to Toronto for pleasure, work and research it was super awesome! I got to see the Basquiat exhibit and it was even better than I anticipated. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take any pictures inside but if you ever get the chance to see his work in the flesh you definitely should.

I had no idea that I would connect with his work ad much as is did. I have alway considered myself to be an "emotional" painter which means way more that I can explain in a single blog post. But I can say that I saw the same thing in Basquiat's work. Every brush stroke has so much emotion and confidence, I couldn't help but feel a deep sadness that he isn't here with us today. Think about it if he were alive today he would only be 55 years old. How wonderful would it be to have him around now? but as the saying goes " People treat you better when your dead"