When I was going through my creative block the one thing I realized was that I no longer had any of my favourite tools. I had moved so many times that all my tools were misplaced or I had foolishly left them behind thinking oh I'll just get another one (packers fatigue). That was one of my biggest mistakes because I had had some brushes for such a long time that some of the companies no longer existed :(. It took me while to find the right stuff because now I was starting from scratch.

 I discovered papeterie nota bene on one of my trips to Montreal and it's now one of my favourite stationery stores to get cool accessories & supplies.  I knew if I surrounded myself with tools that I found beautiful and enough mixed media paper I couldn't help but work & you know what it worked! Now I'm not going to tell you what you should get because it's art supplies are super personal. With that being said I'm compiling a list of all my personal must haves and I'll send you the link next week. Having good tools that you love makes the world of a difference don't you think? Do you have a favourite tool or paint set that you cant live without?