Pict by Tafui

Pict by Tafui

So it's a new year once again and I would like to start it off by Thanking each and everyone of you for coming to visit my little piece of the internet and for all your wonderful emails. I can't believe that soshallwork is going to be four years old this year! To think that this blog was only suppose to be a year long research project!

So last year as in 2014 (cause I'm still mentally in 2015) I really wanted to open up my own shop and after many years of thinking about doing it I finally did on a shoe string budget. And a few days after I launched I got my first order. I still remember how excited I was to get it. It's such an awesome feeling that every artist or maker should have!. My first advice is do not wait until the end of the year to open it give your self time. It's honestly the best thing I've done in a long time. You know what? I still get butterflies in my tummy every time an order comes in. It has not been a complete walk in the park because I've had my ups and down not to mention issues when suppliers literally messing up my orders! Now that it's January I plan on completely updating the shop and launching new patterned filled products. Like the blog it's become a sweet little kid that I need to constantly feed. I'm really going to have fun with in and take the time to make it the way I think it should be.

Anyway enough about that I'm back in planning mode cause I've proudly mark off a whole bunch of things on my 2015 list and now I've got a whole new list for 2016. I use to be a big planner and over the years I stopped doing that until last year. For me planning really helps, I honestly don't know why I ever stopped?!

So this year I'm going to making some huge changes one will be opening up the blog to collaborations and sponsors so give me a shout if your interested. I will also be offering private art based classes and occasional group workshops. So if you are interested let me ok.

Now thats I've told you some of my plans what are yours? Lets hope that whatever this new year brings, let it be a good one!