For many years I have been consumed with eco friendly and sustainable textiles and how to make them beautiful, it appears as if I am not alone. NIENKE HOOGVLIET is a Dutch designer who developed a line of sustainable textiles after doing a project on plastic waste in the oceans and the sustainable materials that the oceans has to offer (seen above).

I found the results from her research is truly fascinating! NIENKE came up with her own type of material and dyes! I am in love with every single part of this project, it completely stimulates the textile nerd in me. 

"After Nienke’s project SEA ME – a handmade rug knotted with seaweed yarn into an old discarded fishing net- she continued her research on how seaweed can contribute to a more sustainable textile industry. With funding from the Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, she could research not only how this sustainable yarn can be used in the textile industry, but also in what other ways seaweed can be used. Nienke worked on creating a circular process to optimally use the seaweed. The waste of the one process is used for the other process, ending up with zero waste."

And!! drum roll .....  She has put it all in a book! and it's available here.