Yes, I have been quiet lately and it's because I have been preparing for my upcoming exhibition and designing new products that required loads of time. Something had to give and unfortunately it was by blogging. I am really a one woman show here and I would love to hire an assistant but I guess that will have to wait for the money to start rolling in. I can't wait to show you guys everything but I still have loads of work ahead of me! There are hundreds of photos to edit and my websites to update and the list goes on but everything is slowly coming together. For some reason I am getting nervous! so strange. 

Today when I work up I began to think about my university years and how my professor suggested that I merge my paintings with my graphic design. For some reason I when in another direction ( typical student). Sometimes life has a way of taking you back to the beginning in order to bring you on another journey and this is one that I am really excited about. As soon as everything is all done you will be the first to find out in the mean time wish me luck.