When I innocently decided that I wanted to start my own fabric collection, little did I know it would have taken me one year to get to this point! The thing that I ALWAYS wanted to do this, but I wanted to do it the right way, and for me that was making sure I did it locally and the healthy way.

When I was in university two textiles artist passed way in the same year from lung cancer. That made our fiber arts technician extra cautions and very open about the dangers of exposing ourselves to dyes and powdered chemicals. That sense of responsibility stayed with me I didn't want to expose myself to harmful chemicals or add to the pollution of the environment.

Now that digitally printing on textiles have become for accessible and even more advanced I knew it was the right decision for my Fall / Winter collection.

All the patterns started out as a painting that was scanned and slightly edited achieve the best reproduction quality, then converted into a repeating pattern. The bold abstract shapes were inspired by visits to my favourite lake in the middle of winter. 

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