I know it's been a while and to be honest I wasn't even sure if I would be able to come back to "work as usual". A few years ago when I started this blog I knew I wanted it to be positive and to inspire people. And for that reason I was a bit apprehensive about sharing my current situation with you guys but since I've been away for such a long time I thought it only fair to let you know.

A few weeks ago my mom called me and said she wasn't feeling well and if I could come see her in Jamaica. Within days she was given a few weeks to live. I didn't want to believe it because my mom never got sick and I mean NEVER!  

I have to tell you that there is something about watching the life slowly leave someone you love that changes you forever. I am still in shock and every emotion brings tears. 

My trip was full of mixed feelings, I got to rekindle old relationships and even made some new ones. I also got to experience a section of Jamaica that I never did before, here are a few of those moments.