Not sure if you guys have seen this video as yet but let's say its one of the best things I've seen in a long time. Metatronia is a collaborative performance piece by Solange Knowles for the Hammer museum, and I love every second of it! Go check it out here.   


I met Kristina a few years ago when she emailed requesting an interview & studio visit for her blog. Kristina is an Ottawa based architect and image maker with a love for cutting & pasting the old fashioned way. It has been so wonderful to watch her grow and express herself as an artist. Lately she has been doing some really cool mixed media collages, she combines her physical space, shadows and found images to create these magical pieces.

Go check out her work here & visit her shop here 


So you are probably wondering why this guy has a mic so close to his face but here this. His name is Neil Harbisson and he is a colour blind artist who had an antenna surgically-implanted in his head which allows him to hear colour. The world is different place for Neil like other  synesthetes when he explain how he sees people and cities it sounds pretty amazing. 

" I use to think humans where back and white and since I hear colour I've detected that's completely wrong. There's no black skin, people that they are black they are actually very very dark orange and people that say they are white are very very light orange as well. So we are all exactly the same hue"   

I honestly couldn't imaging having an implant like this but it's really interesting listing to his perspective. If your as intrigued about him as I am you can also see his Ted talk here & subscribe to his youtube channel here



Pop up Gallery

I've been in Ottawa for years now and never knew this pop gallery ever existed, needless to say I was pleasantly surprised when I randomly came across it on Sunday. The location is beyond perfect and the space is really beautiful and I'm so happy they are using this beautiful old space! It's located in Majour Hill Park across from the National Gallery of Canada. They are open May - October and here's the list of their 2014 show's .

Jordan Seal 

Work is currently up at Blink gallery. He is a visual and performance artist based in Ottawa and his work will be up until Wednesday. Pop in if you get the chance or you can also visit his site here.



No Contours

is a series of 7x7 folded zinc dry point etching on stonehenge paper by Aaron Morgan, a B.C artist studying in Windsor, Ontario. Here's his artist statement - "Through assemblage, painting, and printmaking, I explore themes of development, antiquity, and the myth of progress. My work attempts to excavate the history of locations through the use of found materials while drawing attention to the inherent aftermath of growth in 'sub'urban environments."



After graduating from Carleton School of Architecture in 2005, Mitchell moved to Toronto & began his career as a visual artist. You can clearly see the architectural influence in his work. I really like his use of colour & balance. In 2011, Mitchell collaborated with performance artist Ashleigh Semkiw to create "SIREN".

"Siren" is a performative sculpture which responds to the voice of singer Ashleigh Semkiw, as well as surrounding spectators. A vast plot of white silk pours out in all directions from the singer's dress, held up at various points by coloured strings.