It's not very often I'm completely blown away by a 3D printed object, to be honest with you they have always seemed to be another excuse to dump more unwanted plastic into our world. BUT this new COS x  collaboration with OLIVIER VAN HERPT is just to die for. OLIVIER VAN HERPT is a designer based in the city of Eindhoven in The Netherlands who spent the past 2 years developing his own ceramic 3D printer.  


I have been a long time admirer of Sarra Tang's work. Her shop is always on my list of places to go whenever I am in Toronto. She makes the most beautiful handbags, relaxed clothing and limited edition jewelry. Every piece is meticulously made by hand in her Toronto studio using some of the most interesting materials like waxed cotton and Machine washable paper. Can you tell my favourite bag is her wet wax pleated purse? just look at the detail!! I could honestly go on and on about Sarra and her work. If you want to see more about Sarra you can watch a little about her process here

By the way her bags would make a perfect gift for yourself or that special someone so go check out Hoibo.


I few days ago I was just browsing on instagram and discovered Dynamic Montreal. It is a quarterly event series in Montréal, featuring talks by top creatives, leaders, & innovators from around the world Anddddddd it only cost $20! Out of pure curiosity and the need to be around like minded folks we decided to go. I am so happy we went even with the two hour drive in bad fog & being stuck in Montreal's 5k and hour traffic!

Tuesday's talk was about design duo's, they had Montreal based design duo Trusst as the opening talk and I really feel in love with them. As a matter of fact I had seen their work before.  Go check out some of the super cool projects they did for Cos & Oak and Fort.

Truly inspiring! you should go to Dynamic Montreal the next time you get a chance.


First of all I need to start out by saying that there is nothing about this series by Christian Heikoop that I do not love. The title of this project is called Normcore it is the designers study of a phenomena and its future perspective. Christian followed three basic principles raggedness, anonymity and all in one.

“Raggedness: normcores value seclusion making body observance impossible for others.
Anonymity: normcores like to keep to themselves and dress inconspicuous, therefore very private.
All-in-one: normcores don’t like to distinguish themselves by making a choice; reducing the amount of options.”




For many years I have been consumed with eco friendly and sustainable textiles and how to make them beautiful, it appears as if I am not alone. NIENKE HOOGVLIET is a Dutch designer who developed a line of sustainable textiles after doing a project on plastic waste in the oceans and the sustainable materials that the oceans has to offer (seen above).

I found the results from her research is truly fascinating! NIENKE came up with her own type of material and dyes! I am in love with every single part of this project, it completely stimulates the textile nerd in me. 

"After Nienke’s project SEA ME – a handmade rug knotted with seaweed yarn into an old discarded fishing net- she continued her research on how seaweed can contribute to a more sustainable textile industry. With funding from the Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, she could research not only how this sustainable yarn can be used in the textile industry, but also in what other ways seaweed can be used. Nienke worked on creating a circular process to optimally use the seaweed. The waste of the one process is used for the other process, ending up with zero waste."

And!! drum roll .....  She has put it all in a book! and it's available here.


I am and have always been a techie and I love little gadgets, but for the past few years I haven't been really inspired to go out and get a new tech device until now. I have had the same internet package for years and it has been fine until a few months ago. Without getting into the story about my long telephone calls and frequent visits from my ISP technician, I think this may be the solution to my problem.  The Plume is a wifi extender that is drop dead gorgeous. Plume ensures that every room and every device in your house has a reliable and fast connection! Sounds kinda amazing to me! 


Now thats it's January many of us are probably on a budget and usually the first item to go out the window is entertaining budget so here's a little suggestion for something for you to do that won't break the bank. Stay home and do something creative like colour ;). Colouring use to be my favourite thing to do when I was a kid and many people don't have the time to do an entire creative project, so this is perfect! You must have noticed that adult colouring books are pretty hot lately and this is one of the latest. It illustrated by my girl Andrea Pippins I'm so proud of her! 

You can get your copy here Chapters or here  Amazon


I am so in love with this Hasami collection thats was designed by LA based designer Takuhiro Shinomoto. The Hasami collection was inspired by the essence of traditional Japanese aesthetics. The curves are the result of the inevitability of function and production. The rhythm and echo of the clean lines, created by stacking, enhance the harmony and beauty of the design. I especially love that they are all stackable and modular. Simply beautiful you can purchase them here if your interested.