Hi Guys,
I have a special announcement to make ;) I will be hosting a pop-up shop at the West Elm store in Vancouver. I will be showcasing some of my classic prints and also a bunch of new ones too! If you're in the area make sure to swing by to say Hi! It will be at 2947 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC from 12:00-4:00 September 15.



The idea for my textile collection really began to sparkle in the late nineties. While I was still in

university, I took a trip to New York Street with one of my art school friends. Canal Street was a

must go place to visit; back then the streets were filled with street vendors–so much that you

could hardly see where the sidewalk ended and the road began. As my friend and I walked the

streets with our eyes wide open, looking for deals that would fit our starving student budget, a

man walked up to the stall I was gazing at and opened a large, folded wooden box filled with the

most beautiful textiles I had ever seen. I quickly moved over to him and he explained that it was

fabric from where he was from, West Africa. I bought a piece, thinking if would be a great

headband, not realizing how much that little piece of fabric would affect my life.


I remember wearing that piece of fabric for the rest of that trip, as well as when I went back to

school. One day, while I was in the elevator on campus, a woman walked in behind me. The

woman turned to me and said, “That mud cloth headband is very beautiful.”

I looked at her and smiled. The woman then went on to explain to me that the fabric is actually

dyed with mud and my jaw dropped. As quickly as she came into the elevator, she left but I

wanted more. That is where my obsession with bògòlanfini, also knows as mud cloth, began. I

had absolutely no idea how much work went into each and every piece of traditional mud cloth. I

soon found ways to incorporate bògòlanfini in every assignment I could. I even discussed it in a

philosophy paper!

My current collection is inspired by the fusion of Nordic and Japanese minimalism with the hand

made aesthetic of reverse painting that bògòlanfini has. The patterns on my textiles are from

original ink and water colour paintings that are then scanned and made into a repeat pattern.

The designs are digitally printed because digital printing is one of the most eco friendly

techniques–using less water than many other traditional printing methods. I want to make sure

that my fabrics are ethically made, keeping the environment and people in mind. All my fabrics

are organic Belgian Linen that's hand printed in my studio or digitally printed in Toronto Canada.

Now I know I can not control the world and I am only a small studio but I believe that starts with small steps.

Happy Monday All ! 




Yes, I have been quiet lately and it's because I have been preparing for my upcoming exhibition and designing new products that required loads of time. Something had to give and unfortunately it was by blogging. I am really a one woman show here and I would love to hire an assistant but I guess that will have to wait for the money to start rolling in. I can't wait to show you guys everything but I still have loads of work ahead of me! There are hundreds of photos to edit and my websites to update and the list goes on but everything is slowly coming together. For some reason I am getting nervous! so strange. 

Today when I work up I began to think about my university years and how my professor suggested that I merge my paintings with my graphic design. For some reason I when in another direction ( typical student). Sometimes life has a way of taking you back to the beginning in order to bring you on another journey and this is one that I am really excited about. As soon as everything is all done you will be the first to find out in the mean time wish me luck. 


So I have to tell you guys this story, cause it too funny not to share. When I was a kid I went out and got a birthday card for my mom and just wrote "Happy birthday to mom" in it and she was not impressed. She looked at it and paused for a bit and said "Thank you, but next time I was you to make my card". Yes I know that sounded a bit harsh but my moms a tuff cookie and she speaks her mind even when you don't want to hear it :) Fast forward to me going to Cegep in Montreal at Christmas I use to make my own greeting cards with dried leaves hahahahaha. Then I would sell them to my neighbours for $15 a pop! Every time I remember those days I have to laugh cause if the internet was big back them I would have been all over it. 

These days my card hustle is a bit more upscale :) no more knocking on my neighbours house with my cards :). It's for those of your who love hand made goods or to feed that inner art collector in you who cant afford original work. All these cards & envelopes look great in those little ikea frames ! You can get them at   



I added a bunch of new prints & cards to the shop! I also changed my shop design. After adding a bunch of different types of products it's started to look really busy so I had to clean things up. I also have free North American shipping on orders over $60. Go take a look and let me know know what you think.  


Can someone tell me how we are in November already? We literally have less than two weeks left till the end of the month wow!

A few weeks ago I made some custom block printed stationery and shared it on my Instagram feed and they all sold out before I could put them in my shop! So I made some more and including the gift tags. They are block printed & hand finished on acid free matte black paper with beautiful silver, gold & white ink cause it's the season for bling! 

These cards are meant for people who love hand made goods and perfect for that special someone in your life ( even if that someone is you) and guess what? You can also frame them in a little ikea frame cause they are all one of a kind.  I will be spending all weekend updating the shop so you can see the full collection on Monday! A few of them are also in The Goods shop located on Dalhoise Street if your Ottawa based.



I've been feeling a bit under the weather all week so I kinda found it difficult to focus on getting things done. Whenever I feel like this I usually go back to working with my hand. I decided to get my print making tools out so I could experiment with a mixing traditional techniques printmaking techniques with my pattern play. 

I'm really feeling the results now many traditional printmakers would point out the imperfections in these prints but that pretty much what I love about them. Today I am working on the digital versions of these and seeing what happens when they become a repeating pattern. Wish me luck! Have a wonderful weekend guys!



© Tafui  

© Tafui  

A few days ago I was chatting with my mom and she told me that she was going natural meaning she was going to stop putting chemical relaxer in her hair to straighten it. My jaw dropped because I have never seen my mother with her hair in it's natural form. I was so happy I am that she's gonna have a little afro soon I made this little illustration to honour her. I was inspired by my favourite picts of her that was taken in the 70's, look how cute she looked!!  

Anyway I hope you are all outside enjoying the sun where ever you are, see you tomorrow.