There were so many things I had to do and think about this week that I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to get them all done. Each day I would start out a bit  unsure where I was going to begin, then I finally thought why are you overthinking everything? just take it one step at a time.

So many times we let our emotions & thought cloud our mind from getting things done. When I get that way I often find myself with a paint brush in my hand and this is what came out of that process. I'm almost done with my projects and I'm also happy with little collection of painted patterns too. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend  




So I've started a daily project for twenty fifteen I shared it on my Instagram feed yesterday but I wanted to share it with you too. It's something I've been thinking of doing for a little while, and now I'm jumping in feet first. I'm kinda excited to see where this takes me life on the internet can be so wonderfully unpredictable. I've always been nervous about sharing my process because it's never usually "perfect". Another reason I'm doing this project is for me to shake the " you can see it till it's perfect" thing I always say. 

About the project

I will be releasing an original pattern a day for 360 days some will hand painted analogue style scanned and converted to digital format to create a pattern. Others will be hand drawn in full vector format. I might throw some hand lettering & photography collage to keep things exciting!  

The picts above

1. Is a photo of my sketch book on a pattern I did yesterday

 2. Is the first pattern I released yesterday

3. Is the pattern I released today.    

I'll will make a permanent home for it I'll send you the link when it all done!  

Do you have any projects that you've wanted to do for the longest while? I think you should give it a shot.