Not sure if you guys have seen this video as yet but let's say its one of the best things I've seen in a long time. Metatronia is a collaborative performance piece by Solange Knowles for the Hammer museum, and I love every second of it! Go check it out here.   


Sometimes grocery shopping isn't just grocery shopping, sometimes it's the perfect place to find inspiration and not just what to make for dinner but for pattern lovers live myself. The colour combination and bold shapes on these wonderful pumpkins are so amazing I had to share it with you.   


My mother has always been a lover and collector of really good china. It use to would irritate me when I was a child that I could only look but not touch. Now that I am grown I realized that I've somewhat inherited her love for good ceramic pieces too. When I found these beautifully crafted pieces by Anna Lerinder a Swedish ceramic artist this morning and I just has to share her work with you all. The simple clean lines of her functional piece mixed with textured surface of her art pieces creates a beautiful tension.  

PHOTO SOURCE | Here & Here



This stunning pieces are from Ikea's latest collection was designed by Studioilse  an internationally acclaimed design firm.

They designed a furniture, lighting and tabletop collection of 30 items, exploring natural materials and simple, useful forms that fit into everyday life. They used a mixture of cork, ceramic, glass, seagrass and bamboo; tactile materials that appeal to us because they feel as good as they look. The collection will be available in IKEA stores around the in October 2015 and I can't want to get my hands on them.


So you are probably wondering why this guy has a mic so close to his face but here this. His name is Neil Harbisson and he is a colour blind artist who had an antenna surgically-implanted in his head which allows him to hear colour. The world is different place for Neil like other  synesthetes when he explain how he sees people and cities it sounds pretty amazing. 

" I use to think humans where back and white and since I hear colour I've detected that's completely wrong. There's no black skin, people that they are black they are actually very very dark orange and people that say they are white are very very light orange as well. So we are all exactly the same hue"   

I honestly couldn't imaging having an implant like this but it's really interesting listing to his perspective. If your as intrigued about him as I am you can also see his Ted talk here & subscribe to his youtube channel here



So technically its still sorting but I am calling for summer to be here ASAP. I'm currently in love with this monochromatic blue colour palette. I will be releasing a new set of prints thats inspired by this view.

Happy Monday guys  


I honestly can't believe Sunday was my first trip to the Art Gallery of Ontario. Initially we went for the Basquiat show but then we walked through the rest of the gallery and Man was I happy I did! So for years as in 16 - 17 years I have been comletely obsessed with the art from the indigenous people of Bamana, primarily because of my love for Bogolanfini aka mud cloth. So you can only imagine how excited I was when I came across these sculptures in the African art section of the AGO. I was just going through books with these sculptures in them and it was really nice to see them in the flesh.

We were also drooling over the impressive Henry Moore sculpture collection too!  



We have been in our new house for the past two years now. When we purchased it we knew that we had to upgrade the kitchen and bathroom, let's just say that green has never been my colour. As much as I love the high end look our budget far from that, so I've been searching the internet for inspiration and found this. 

I love the simplicity of this kitchen and as for the concrete countertop! I'm definately going to see if I can find a simple DIY concrete counter top tutorial.