Hey Guys!

I wanted to let you know that my artwork will be on exhibition at the Ottawa City Hall Art Gallery along with the other wonderful artist that the city recently added to their 2018 public collection. You can read more about it here, or you could go take a look at the City Hall Art Gallery, 110 Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa, Ontario from December 06 –January 30, 2019.



A few months ago my friend Manon Labrosse asked me if was interested in attending a fashion show showcasing local artist in collaboration with Print All Over me at Axeneo 7 I yes immediately. Little did I know how cool the building is and how amazing the event would be! I couldn't believe that I didn't know about this really cool artsy spot! The show consisted of over 15 Ottawa - Gatineau based artist it was so refreshing couldn't put my camera down! I took so many pictures, I will create a two-part blog post. 

Above is the work of Caroline Monnet, Etienne Gelinas & Amd. I particularly loved how the black & white patterns translated on their garments. All the clothing will be for sale at Axeneo 7 for the next few weeks if you're interested in checking them out. 


I met Kristina a few years ago when she emailed requesting an interview & studio visit for her blog. Kristina is an Ottawa based architect and image maker with a love for cutting & pasting the old fashioned way. It has been so wonderful to watch her grow and express herself as an artist. Lately she has been doing some really cool mixed media collages, she combines her physical space, shadows and found images to create these magical pieces.

Go check out her work here & visit her shop here 


When I came back to Canada a few weeks ago I thought it would be a good idea to take a screen printing class as some type of distraction. Keeping busy all the time has really helped me and has been a huge part of my healing process. I also feel really close to my mom when I am making physical stuff, because she was so creative. The other thing is that I use to screen print all the time but I had stopped for years & was felling a little rusty & thought it was a good idea to brush up on my skills. I am also a strong believer in being a life long student, so every few years a take some type of art class.  

Having a larger space to work and experiment has made such a huge difference! I have been making larger prints & even started to experiment with a new colour palette! 

I am having a little print show at the goods shop this Saturday I hope you guys will pop in to say Hi! The store is located at 201 Dalhousie St. in Ottawa in the Byward Market. I will be introducing my new prints and showing my textile line too! 


When I innocently decided that I wanted to start my own fabric collection, little did I know it would have taken me one year to get to this point! The thing that I ALWAYS wanted to do this, but I wanted to do it the right way, and for me that was making sure I did it locally and the healthy way.

When I was in university two textiles artist passed way in the same year from lung cancer. That made our fiber arts technician extra cautions and very open about the dangers of exposing ourselves to dyes and powdered chemicals. That sense of responsibility stayed with me I didn't want to expose myself to harmful chemicals or add to the pollution of the environment.

Now that digitally printing on textiles have become for accessible and even more advanced I knew it was the right decision for my Fall / Winter collection.

All the patterns started out as a painting that was scanned and slightly edited achieve the best reproduction quality, then converted into a repeating pattern. The bold abstract shapes were inspired by visits to my favourite lake in the middle of winter. 

Make sure you pop over and take a look  at my newly designed shop and tell me what you think!